Getting back in the game

Walkin’ Cane Mark has hired a new manager effective immediately.

“After all these years of searching for the right manager it turns out he was right under my nose.”

Effective immediately and following a great showing at the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim California, Walkin’ CaneMark has signed a long term agreement with his childhood friend Christopher Slattery in represent him with all business matters related to his relaunched Blues Music Career. Both parties have been long time friends and confidants and have both been very successful in their respective fields. Walkin’ Cane Mark will be represented under the new Music Label Enable Records to be launched early this year.

” I have always been in awe of Mark’s dedication to his craft, his immense creativity and his passion to making his audience walk away with more soul than they arrived with.”
—Christopher Slattery