Walkin' Cane Mark Performing on Stage

Reviews Rolling in For ‘Tryin’ to Make You Undertsand’

Reviews are rolling in and 'Tryin' To Make You Understand' is rising up the charts. A few highlights: “He’s so steeped in the Chess tradition that you can almost imagine him standing in the Chess studios with his mouth hanging open the day Leonard allegedly berated...

Tryin’ to Make You Understand

Walkin’ Cane Mark’s Newest CD Release With the return to the studio earlier this year Walkin’ Cane Mark is proud to introduce the release of Tryin’ To Make You Understand available online at, ITunes,, Amazon and other music retailers....

Blind Raccoon Now Walkin’ Cane Mark’s Exclusive Publicist

Betsie Brown & Blind Raccoon are on the team. The management team of Walkin’ Cane Mark have signed an Exclusive Publicist representation agreement with Betsie Brown at Blind Raccoon to represent Walkin’ Cane Mark. “I cannot be more humbled by the experience and...

WC Mark & Stucco Homes

Soon Mark will be working with the amazing rock vocalist Ike Willis (Zappa alumni) on a recording project and possible live shows!

Canezilla in 3D

Anyone who has seen Walkin’ Cane Mark’s charismatic live appearances is familiar with his larger than life personality (thus the nick name “Canezilla”). On the heels of “Understand” Cane will be stomping on a stage near you!

Upcoming Shows

Coming up Utah W/ Tony Holiday & The Velvatones: San Diego, CA Anthem, CA Memphis, TN  

Walkin’ Cane Mark Launches New Artist Website

Time to get it all out there for the fans to see The artist and management of Walkin’ Cane Mark have launched a new website as central portal for all that is Walkin’ Cane Mark. “I am so excited to have all my music, merchandise and memorabilia...

Back in the Studio

It’s not an April fool’s Joke Walkin Cane Mark is back in the Studio and ready to make some magic. “Feels really good to be back with all my juices flowing.” — Walkin Cane Mark, Artist With new representation and support in backing a new CD for release in the 4th...

Walkin’ Cane Mark’s New Artist Representation

Getting back in the game Walkin’ Cane Mark has hired a new manager effective immediately. “After all these years of searching for the right manager it turns out he was right under my nose." —Cane Effective immediately and following a great showing at the 2015 NAMM...

Tryin' To Make You Understand

“Tryin’ To Make You Understand - REMASTERED” available at CD Baby, Amazon & iTunes

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