Betsie Brown & Blind Raccoon are on the team.

The management team of Walkin’ Cane Mark have signed an Exclusive Publicist representation agreement with Betsie Brown at Blind Raccoon to represent Walkin’ Cane Mark.

“I cannot be more humbled by the experience and dedication Betsie and her team will bring.”
Walkin’ Cane Mark – Artist

The overall success in public relations and marketing of an individual artist takes more than just a good network of industry contacts, it takes a representative of the genre, of the art and of all that the musician is producing. Blind Raccoon and Betsie Brown cover all Walkin’ Cane Mark has to offer.

“Never have I seen a more personable professional with the dedication to the art than Betsie Brown. An invaluable asset to the Walkin’ Cane Mark Team.”
Christopher Slattery – WCM